Welcome to the Writer’s Bloc.


Welcome to our website, and please excuse our dust as we get ourselves situated. Feel free to wander about during construction, just remember to wear a helmet. Safety first!


What We Are: The Writer’s Bloc is a writer’s support circle, specializing in mostly fiction works although anyone is welcome to attend. Online, we link to articles of interest to other writers, post bits of our work, critique each other, and use our various social circles to help promote and support each other. Offline, we have a writer’s circle that meets once a month in the Los Angeles/South Bay area (actual location pending).

Who We Are: We are writers and authors, novelists and editors, artists and wordsmiths who come together to support and aid each other, believing that while individually we are all talented, together we are an unstoppable force of artistic expression. See Members for more details.

Where We Are: Our main physical location is in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, although you’re welcome to attend brick-and-mortar meetings from as far away as you’re willing to drive/fly/swim/hop/slither/undulate/ooze. Online, we are from all over the world (and beyond: Welcome, our new Aldebarran branch! Sqweegle-plik ta!).

How We Are: Quite well thanks. Yourself?