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Did we scare you?

Darn. Oh well. Maybe these will.

In honor of the (very) swiftly approaching Halloween holiday, The Writer’s Bloc has compiled a list of the spooky, the creepy, the scary, the just plain uncanny*. Some are written by TWB members, some are not. All are worth a read.

So grab yourself a glass of something red, turn off the lights and enjoy the following Halloween Horror Round-Up stories.

Stories by Strangers

Afraid of the DarkKari Fay

A Soft KnockingCharles Mashburn

Sarahann’s WarningOzlem Yikici

Undead in Brown County – S. J. Wright (Novel excerpts only)

Stories by Members

A Catchy TuneMichael Lyons**

Ants in the MailboxSonia G. Medeiros (Note: this is part 2 of Postcards from Hell, below)

Caller ID – Hope Sullivan McMickle

демон – Michael Lyons

Il Masque – Michael Lyons

Postcards From Hell – Sonia G. Medeiros (Part 1, read this first)

Quinn’s Descent – Cynthia Robertson (guest blogging for Billie Jo Woods)

Starlight on the Water – Michael Lyons

The Creature Over the Bed – Michael Lyons

The Eyes of the Cat – Michael Lyons

The Venice Accord – Michael Lyons

The Windows, My Eyes – Michael Lyons

There is a Monster at my Window – Steven Glenn

(Week) Night of the Living Dead – Michael Lyons

* No X-men are involved in this Round-Up. Maybe next time, guys.

** Yes, I write a lot.