A little about the members of The Writer’s Bloc.

Jennifer Williamson

Jennifer is a writer, artist, and video game producer living in a castle near the sea in a land called Honalee. (If anyone can prove any of that’s not true, please email us and we’ll update this page immediately.) She is currently in the process of finishing the last one-third of three different novels (set in three different genres) which she will finish any day now so she can start working on their sequels.

She also has an art site (although it hasn’t been updated in some time) here.

Mike Lyons

Mike is a writer, world designer, and game designer living in Los Angeles. He and Jennifer have collaborated on several projects which are currently in the works or will be soon. In addition, he is writing books set in his own worlds. Unlike Jennifer, he has no artistic talent whatsoever. His stick figures look like they were made during an earthquake. He does, however, like to talk about his cats.

Mike is also the founder and driving force behind The Writer’s Bloc, although Jennifer does all our cool logos.

Steven Glenn

In Steven’s own words:  Foremost, I like to think of myself as a writer of fiction, of course I’m a father and husband to my family. I have worked in many jobs within the building trade, always falling back to decorating. I served my apprenticeship and have been a time served decorator for the last fifteen years, running my own business for most of them years. Writing fiction is what I love to do, the problem is my day job and family commitments stop this from moving to let’s say day time hours. I’m a night time writer; therefore I cannot help but question the quality. On the odd occasion when I write in the day, I can see defined improvement in the quality. (I think I’m falling into the skills of moaning so let’s bring it up a shade or two) I’m a happily married man with two children and a great hobby. Lets leave it at that for now.

Hope Sullivan McMickle

Sonia G. Medeiros

Julia Mutive

Julia is a writer, project manager, and costumer.  She currently lives in an apartment with a very much abused computer and a very colorful wardrobe.   Her stories, non-fiction, and poetry have previously appeared in In Our Own Words volumes 1 and 2, The Truth Frightens Me, and Mars Dust, among others.

Cynthia Robertson

Cynthia writes in multiple genres, most notably: historical, literary, mainstream and horror. She lives in Arizona with her husband, two children, and a five pound Pomeranian named Zeus. She’s the founder of the Arizona Novel Writers Workshop, and is at work polishing her historical fiction novel Sword of Mordrey. She can be found on her blog, Cynthia Robertson, Writer, and on Twitter,@Literarydaze .


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