The Circle

A place for people to post their works and ask for critiques.


Welcome to the Circle.

The Circle is a place to post your works-in-progress, or perhaps finished products, that you want to request reviews, critiques and other general opinions of from the rest of the Bloc.

To add your work to the Circle, please create a Page with your name, followed by a hyphen, and then the name of your work. Make it a Child page of the Circle, add it to the menu under the Circle and offset to the right one step (making it a part of the Circle’s drop-down menu). If you have problems, contact Michael or Jennifer and they will be more than happy to help out.

Rules for the Circle

As a creator: Whether you are a writer, artist, sculptor, or knitter, the rules are the same. When you post something in the Circle, you are asking the rest of the Bloc to review it and give you feedback. This feedback will not necessarily be entirely glowing (and in fact, much of the point of a critique is to point out what is wrong so that the work can be made stronger). Do not take offense at someone else who critiques your work, please. They are taking their own time to review your work, and they are getting nothing out of it. Unless they are going out of their way to be jerks, chances are that they are trying to help. Remember that, and also remember that text media like this site do not allow for vocal inflection and facial expressions, two of the main cues we use to know if someone else is kidding or not.

Posting your work to the Circle is not the same thing as being published (as a writer, for example). You should not use the Circle (or the Writer’s Bloc in general) as ‘proof of publishing’ for any reason, as most organizations who care about that sort of thing are simply going to laugh if you try.

You do still own full copyright on anything published here. Do not believe anyone who claims that because you published here and they reviewed your work or whatever, that they now own all or even some rights to your work. They do not. Not even the admins of the Bloc own even the slightest iota of rights to your work that you post here. This goes along with the ‘this does not qualify as publishing’ rule above.

As a reviewer: Please try to be polite in your review. Remember that what you are critiquing is someone else’s baby. Be gentle, even as you try to inform them that their submission is a spelling-and-grammar-error laden mess of purple-prosed, passive-voiced drivel. Try to find a nice way to say that.

Remember that text media such as this site do not allow for vocal inflection and facial expressions, two of the main cues we use to know if someone else is kidding or not. If you are attempting to crack a joke, please indicate it somehow, or, better yet, reconsider unless it is incredibly obvious.

Remember also that you, as a reviewer, do now own any rights to the product being reviewed.

In general: We do not have any sort of quota system. We simply ask that you review other people’s works as you would like them to review your own. A few minutes out of your day, a few hundred words, is nothing. By way of comparison, this entire page up to this point, is about 600 words. A couple hundred now and again isn’t particularly onerous, and think how much you would like it if someone did the same for you.

Thanks, and enjoy the Circle!


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