Michael Lyons – Example Circle Page

This is an example of how to format your Circle pages.

Note I used my name first, then a hyphen, then the name of the work (in this case, “Example Circle Page.”)

On the right, under Page Attributes, select “parent” and set the drop down to The Circle. Fill in the text of your work (or picture, or whatever it is you’re doing). Then hit ‘publish’ on the right.

After creating that page, go to the Appearance > Menus tab of the admin sidebar. Add this page to the main menu, and drag it below the Circle. Try to put it in alphabetical order by your own name, and make sure it is in the ‘indented’ position on the template. This will make it a ‘child’ of the Circle, and ensure that it will show up on a mouse-over of the Circle’s page tab at the top of the blog.

After you hit ‘save menu’, go to the blog’s main page and double check. Hover your mouse over the Circle page tab and see if your new page shows up on the list that appears.

If you have any problems, contact Michael Lyons or Jennifer Williamson for help.


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